Christmas Visitor

Written for the 25 Days of Christmas challenge on the Writing Lines group - Christmas 2012.

Wes had just found the perfect hiding place for Link's Christmas present when he heard a bellow from the cabin.  He shoved the gift in the space between the rafters and bolted down the stairs from the loft, across the yard and up the back steps. Taking the steps two at a time the young man ran through the kitchen door not realizing he had left it wide open when he carried Link’s present to the barn.  He skidded across the pine floor boards finally coming to a halt inches from the living room.


All 6'2" of his lover was sprawled across the living room floor on his back. Their Christmas tree tilted against the wall.  Tinsel and ornaments were scattered over the floor.  Link’s forearm covered his eyes. "Are you OK?" Wes asked cautiously.  "What happened?"


Link held his hand out to Wes stating matter of factly, "Lucky happened.”  Link's dark eyes zeroed in on his brat.  “He was climbing through the tree when I came in,” he told Wes.  “I slipped on something and fell when I tried to catch him.  I guess me falling scared him.  The little bugger jumped out of the tree and ran up the stairs.”


 "How did he get in the house?" Wes innocently asked knowing the raccoon shouldn’t have been able to get in their home if all the doors and windows were closed.  He reached to pull his man to his feet, but found himself jerked down and across Link’s powerful chest instead.


"You tell me, babe," Link chuckled as he smacked his captive’s butt.  “I know I didn’t ask him in for cookies and milk.”


Wes couldn't help grinning.  “Heck, I don’t know, T-man,” he answered.  “I’m sure the place was shut up tight.  Maybe he thinks he’s Santa and came down the chimney.”


“Oh, little boy, didn’t you just run into the house,” Link asked as he squeezed the firm ass under his hand, “without having to open the kitchen door?”


“Shit,” Wes groaned and dropped his forehead on Link’s powerful chest, “I guess I didn’t shut it when I went out, um, to feed the critters.”


Link wrapped his arms around his brat and rolled the two of them over so Wes was under him.  He raised up on him hands so he could look into the pair of smoldering green eyes below him.  “No, I guess you didn’t, babe,” he murmured, dropping his head to nuzzle Wes’s neck.


Wes moaned as his T-man sucked and nibbled his sensitive flesh.  His hands seemed to move on their own, up his lover’s broad back until they felt Link’s ponytail.  He pulled the binding loose, letting the soft dark tresses fall over them as their lips finally came together. 


Link broke the kiss and raised his head when he heard the raccoon chirping.  Both men looked into the kitchen and saw Lucky ambling across the pine floor.  He turned back toward them and sat down with a huff.  He cocked his head, covered his masked with his little paws, and chattered at the men in what could only be described as disgust.  Then the raccoon turned and scampered out the kitchen door.


Link rose to his feet pulling Wes with him.  “Upstairs boy,” he ordered his brat with a slap to his ass.


Wes broke for the stairs but stopped when his lover didn’t follow him.   He turned back to question Link, “Aren’t you coming, T-man?”


“Yeah,” Link laughed, “just as soon as I shut the kitchen door.  Now get up those stairs and get naked, boy.”