Golden Elixir

for the January 2013 Tea Room Chicken Soup challenge
Author: PJ
Rick and TC

Rick leaned in the door jamb watching his boy. TC, with his back to the doorway was pulling small bottles from the kitchen cabinets all the while carrying on a conversation with whoever was on the other end of his cell phone.

"Ok…Yeah I got it…are you sure?" TC questioned. "Yes, I trust you," he laughed. "What's next…Oh, wait, let me check…yeah we got some."

Rick, feeling a bit woozy, moved to the kitchen table. He eased one of the chair out so as not to draw attention to himself. This damn flu was wearing him out and trying to follow his boy's movements added dizzy to the mix. He really should be in bed but he felt the need to find TC and make sure he was staying out of trouble.

"Celery…are you sure…OK sorry…but we don't have any," TC whined into the phone.  "Damn, I wanted to do this for Rick and now I can't."

Before Rick could say anything, TC straighten up and wiped at his eyes, "I'm sorry, Liz…I'm ok…are you sure I don't need the celery?...Ok…yeah I got carrots…" he said pulling an onion and a couple carrots from the fridge.

Finally, Rick deciding his boy was in safe hands with Wes's mom silently left the kitchen and headed back to their bedroom.

"OK, Liz, I think I got it…how long do I let it simmer…" TC asked this lady that was like a mother to him. "Ok…yeah I'll let you know if he likes the soup…I hope he does and it makes him feel better." He laughed again and said, "Ok Ok he will like it. Thanks for taking the time to help me, Liz, you're the
best…yeah, we'll see you soon. Tell the guys I said Hi…Ok, bye." He tossed the phone on the counter.

TC turned his attention to the simmering pot of chicken soup. "Hey, something smells great in here," Jim said, popping his head in the kitchen, "I could smell it all the way in the club." He moved to the stove, picked up a spoon and dipped into the broth, which earned him a growl. "Easy boy," he said blowing on the spoon. "Wow, TC, this is really good. Your man is going to be feeling his old self after eating this."

"Yeah thanks, Jim.  I hope so but could you leave some for him," he growled out.

The next hour dragged on as TC hovered over his golden elixir. Finally he decided the soup had simmered long enough. He dished up two bowls of his precious treasure. Putting both bowls along with some toasted garlic bread and drinks on a tray, TC carefully balanced the tray as he walked in to the bedroom.

Rick sniffed the air and poked his head out from the blankets he was burrowing under. The aroma was heavenly. "What is that delicious smell, boy?" he demanded as he leaned against the headboard.

"Chicken soup," TC beamed. "And I made it all by myself just for you. So you would get better faster."

The sick man pulled his boy into a hug. "If it tastes half as good as it smells I'll be up and back to normal in no time, Pet," he whispered to the head under his chin. "I didn't know you could cook."

"Um, well, I called Wes's mom, Liz and she talked me through it," TC explained, "but I did the hard work." He pulled back and passed one of the bowls to his top and waited for him to try the soup.

"Wow, this is great, Pet," Rick exclaimed between sips. "I'm really lucky to have such a thoughtful partner who would go to all this trouble for me." Taking another sip he added, "I'll have to find a way to repay you."

"Oh, I think I can figure out something," TC said with a gleam in his eyes. He reached for the empty bowl and carefully placed it back on the tray.

TC was pulled back into Ricks arms, "So can I, Pet, so can I."

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