Waiting on Tomorrow

Rick and TC

TC learned early in his relationship with Rick the importance of following his lover’s decrees but he really hated writing lines.  Rick’s lines weren’t just a simple sentence; they were more the length of paragraphs that included several sentences.  Writing 25 of his lines was like writing 100 normal ones.  He usually had to sit at one of the booths in the club to write.  Today he had started out at a booth but with so many distractions he couldn’t keep his mind on his assignment.   Finally Rick had had enough and sent TC to the office with a firm swat and a promise of more if he didn’t calm down and get busy.  TC shivered, remembering the growl in his ear, “You just upped your lines to 50, Pet.”
Now he sat alone in Rick’s office.  A pencil and note pad partially filled with TC’s crisp lettering lay on the smooth surface in front of him.  Normally he loved being in this office watching Rick work at the large oak desk where he sorted out the club business. TC hated that he was alone to do the lines.  He stood and moved around the office.  Running his slender fingers over the shelves full of books and the photos his partner kept in the office.  He chuckled to himself, thinking that being in this office had more distractions for him than being out in the club.   Hearing the familiar tone signifying an instant message, TC moved back to the desk and plopped down in the chair only to jump back up when his ass hit the seat.  “Ouch,” he groaned and  rubbed at the spot that had been smacked when he had told Rick what he thought of being sent to the office.  The tone sounded again.  TC eased himself onto the seat this time.

Wes was messaging him, asking him if they could meet up over the weekend.

TC typed out his answer, “No, can’t this weekend, bro.”

Wes:  “Y not?”

TC:  “Got some stuff I need to do.”

Wes:  “Can’t it wait?”

TC:  “Maybe, let me see what I can do.”

Wes:  “Great, we’ll have a blast.”

TC jumped when Rick reached over him and typed, “Wes, this is Rick and TC will BE staying home this weekend.”

Wes:  “OK, gotta go now.  Bye’”

“Sign off pet, and get busy,” Rick instructed.

“I hate writing lines, Rick,” TC whined.

“You‘re going to hate them more because you just doubled them again, Pet.”

“Man, that’s just not fair, Rick.  I’m not gunna do them,” he challenged the big man standing in front of him.  Too late he realized just how close Rick was.  In a flash, Rick braced his foot on the open bottom drawer of his desk and TC was over Rick’s hard thigh getting his ass peppered with hard swats.  Almost as fast as he was flipped over, TC was upright again.

“Little boy, do you think it’s wise to challenge me?”  Rick growled.

Head down, TC rubbed his butt.  “N…no,” he quietly answered.  “I’m sorry.”

Reaching out a single finger Rick raised his boy’s face.  “Why is this so hard for you today, Pet?” he gently asked.  “You’ve written lines before.  You know how it works.”

With sad eyes TC looked up at his lover.  Then he reluctantly followed when Rick led him to the sofa.  Thinking he was going to get his ass warmed some more he reached for the top button of his worn blue jeans. 

His hands were brushed aside and he was pulled onto the safety of Rick’s lap.  “Easy, Pet, we are just going to talk,” he assured his brat while maneuvering TC around until he was comfortable.  “You need to talk to me and tell me what’s bothering you,” he said. 

TC nestled his head into the crook of his lover’s neck feeling the day old stubble rub against his face and whispered, “Why can’t I go with you to LA?”

“We’ve been through this already,” Rick answered.  “I’ll be back home tomorrow night and throwing a tantrum isn’t going to change my mind.  But it will get you a very warm seat,” he added.  ”Am I making myself clear?”

“Yeah, but do I still have to do the lines?”  TC whined.  “You leaving me here all alone should be enough punishment.”

Rick laughed, that deep rumbling laugh that TC loved so much, “Nice try, Pet,” then his tone lowered, “but you will complete the lines and if I hear any more about it or if I even think you are throwing another tantrum, you will be in more trouble than you thought was possible.”  Then he asked again, “Are we clear on this, Timothy?”

“Yes sir, we’re clear.” 

“Good,” Rick said.  “Now get back to your lines while I get packed.  And, pet, I want those lines done by the time I get back tomorrow.”

“Ok,” TC said, resigned to the fact he would be finishing this task.


TC jumped when the phone rang, startled to be alone in the big bed he usually shared with his lover.  Remembering where his man was he grabbed his cell and mumbled, “Hello,” hoping it was Rick.

“How’s my boy?” came a familiar rumble from the phone.

“Missing you,” TC whined.

“I’ll be back before you know it, Pet.”

“Not soon enough,” the younger man groused.

“When I get home,” Rick growled, “I’m going to slowly pull my good boy’s pants down and drape you over my lap.”

TC groaned.

“Close your eyes, Pet,” the voice on the phone commanded.  “Are they closed?”

TC nodded and groaned.

“Pet,” Rick chuckled, “I can’t see you.  You have to tell me.”

“Yeah, they’re closed.”

“Do you feel my hand on your ass, boy?”


“Feel me rubbing your still warm cheeks.  Are they still warm from this morning, little boy?”  Rick’s growly question sent shivers down TC’s spine.

“Ye…yes, they are,” Rick’s boy groaned.

“When I get you over my lap, I’m going to start nice and slow slapping your pink ass.  Light slaps at first, building the heat slowly.”

“R…Rick,” TC moaned as he felt his member twitch.

“Hush, pet, just listen to my voice and don’t touch yourself,” came the deep whisper from the phone.  “I’ll slap your ass harder, faster.  You’ll squirm at the sting.  You’ll whimper and won’t be able to hold still.”

Struggling not to touch himself, TC grabbed Rick’s pillow.  He buried his face in it, breathing in his top’s scent.  

“I’ll slowly increase the force of the slaps until your ass is hot and rosy red.  You are going to beg for me for more, pet, but that will only happen when I think you’re ready. ’’


Rick chuckled.  “You’re going to have to wait till I get home tomorrow night, Pet.  Can you be good for me until I get back?” TC’s top growled.

“Rick,” the boy whined, “that’s not fair.  I need you to finish.”

“Just think how good it will be when I get home, little boy,” Rick promised.  “Get some sleep and I’ll be home before you know it.”

“I love you,” TC whispered in to the phone.

“I love you too, Pet, see you tomorrow,” Rick said.  “And don’t forget to finish your lines, little boy,” he added with a chuckle that made TC groan.


“Hey, boss, good to see you back safe and sound,” Jim greeted Rick from the top of the steps leading up to the club.  “How was the flight?”

“Short and uneventful,” the club owner replied.  “But too long too, if you catch my meaning?” he added with a chuckle and a slap to the bouncer’s broad back.

“Yeah, I understand, boss,” Jim agreed, a twinkle sparkling in his eyes.

The two big men entered the club and moved toward the bar.  Rick scanned the room searching for his brat.

Jim pointed across the room to his boss's private booth at the back of the dance floor and said, "He's over there, Rick.  He refused to go up to your apartment."

Waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room Rick smiled when his lover slowly materialized.  A soft glow from the overhead light washed over the booth and occupant.  TC’s head was resting in the bend of his left arm with his hand folded back up and tangled in his hair.  His right hand held a pencil.  Rick could only guess that he was working on the lines Rick had left for him to do. 

"He's been working on something most of the afternoon.  Said he had to finish before you got back," the bouncer confirmed Rick’s thoughts.

Rick walked behind the long bar and got himself a cold beer.  "Thanks for keeping an eye on him Jim," the club owner said.  “Let me see if I can persuade him to come upstairs with me.”  He moved to the other end of the bar snagging a bottle of water as he passed the cooler. 

He turned back to the bartender, “See if you can scare me up a steak, Ben,” he said.

“Sure thing, boss,” Ben replied.  “Do you want me to get something for TC too?”

“He can share mine,” he answered.  Then Rick walked out into the club, greeting a few of the regular patrons as he past them on the way to his destination.

His lover didn’t move or look up as Rick approached the booth.  Only after he slipped onto the bench seat next to the younger man did Rick realize that he was asleep.  Rick sipped his beer and silently watched his boy.  TC's hair had fallen into his eyes.   Rick's hands itched to brush it back, but didn't want to wake him yet.  Letting his eye's feast on TC’s face, Rick grinned as a small pool of drool gathered on the note book under his chin.  He gently pulled the note book to him noticing his brat had started on the 100th line when he dosed off.  Rick removed the pencil from TC’s hand and finished the sentence for him.  He closed the note pad and pushed it back so Ben could set his dinner in front of him.

“Thanks, Ben,” Rick said as the bartender moved away.

Rick cut a piece of steak and brought it up to his mouth, his eyes looking into the liquid brown pools that he'd first fell in love with two years ago.  “Well, hello, sleepyhead,” Rick teased.

TC rubbed his eyes and sat back against his man.  “When did you get back?” he mumbled.  “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“Oh, about 30 minutes ago.  And I didn’t wake you because I love to watch you sleep,” he explained.  Rick tilted his brat’s chin up so he could reach the lips he hadn’t gotten to kiss in the last 24 hours.  “I missed you, Pet.” 

“I missed you more,” TC whined.  “You weren’t stuck in this ole club, writing crappy lines all day.”  He flung his hand across the notebook knocking the bottle of water across the table.

Rick reached out and snagged the bottle before it spilled.  Replacing the top on the bottle he gently placed the bottle in front of TC ordering him, “Drink that.”   The bigger man could tell his boy was close to tears.  He wondered if TC had gotten any sleep the night before.

TC’s wiped his eyes and raised the bottle to his pouting lips.  He took a long drink before he set the bottle back down.  “I’m sorry,” he whispered.  “I didn’t want to ruin your homecoming.”

“You haven’t ruined it yet, Pet.”  Rick assured his worried boy.  He brushed TC’s hair back with the tips of his fingers.  “What have you eaten today, Pet?” he asked.

“Oh gee, Rick,” TC whined, “you know I can’t eat when you aren’t here.”

“That’s what I thought,” Rick said while cutting a hunk of steak and holding it to his boy’s lips.  “Eat.”

“But I’m not hungry,” TC groused but opened his mouth anyway.

“Eat it,” the big man repeated with a grin on his face.  “You’re going to need your strength if we are going to finish our phone conversation from last night.”

A big smile flashed across TC’s and he opened his mouth demanding the next piece of steak.

Rick pushed the plate away when they had eaten everything.  He leaned back and took a sip of his beer.  He watched TC squirm in his seat.  Finally he stood pulling his boy with him.  “Come on, Pet, time for bed,” he ordered and pushed TC toward the stairs leading to their apartment.


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