Fire and Water

Ficlet: November Tea Room Challenge Evening by the Fire

Warnings: after the first spanking

Link followed his lover into their bedroom. “Let me light the fire, babe, while you finish getting undressed.”

He tossed Wes’s jeans at the hamper. Link knelt in front of the fire place. Turning back he watched as Wes removed the flannel shirt that hung down covering the results of his handiwork. His lover’s red ass glistened in the glow from the flickering flames. Tearing his eyes away from the sight before him, Link rose and entered the en suite and began filling the tub with hot water.

Looking through the fireplace into the bedroom Link watched as Wes turned to sit on the edge of the bed but quickly stood back up. “Shit!” Then he flopped down on his stomach.

“Come on, babe.” Link patted his lover’s rosy red ass. “I think a nice hot bath is in order instead of a shower.” He chuckled at the look he got. “You look like you could use a bit more cuddling than the shower will allow.”

“Awe, T-Man, I don’t think my butt needs to be hotter.”

Link pulled the younger man to his feet. Wrapping he arm around Wes’s waist, he guided them into the en suite. Link quickly shed his own clothes, heaving a sigh of release as his hard cock sprang free from it's confinement. Link settled into the hot water. Wes followed suit and slowly lowered himself until Link felt him resting against him.

Wes squirmed. “It still hurts, Link. I can’t get comfortable.”

Link gently maneuvered the man in front of him so he was lying with his chest on Link’s chest and his head on Link’s shoulder. He began massaging the tender ass of his lover. Soon the only thing that could be heard in the room was the soft moans coming from Wes.

Later he lay in bed with his lover wrapped in his arms. Link watched the fire flicker while he thought back to Wes’s first spanking and path they had chosen to follow together.

The End

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