Sleepy in a Small Town

Link enjoyed the days he worked at the wildlife center. He loved using his
skill as a trapper or consulting with the different agencies, but he really
loved working around the wild critters and spending time teaching the kids about the local wildlife. Doing paper work wasn't his favorite activity, but with the view of the marsh from the office window he couldn't complain.

Link heard the truck before it pulled onto driveway. He'd been expecting a call but wasn't surprised to hear the familiar sound of Wes's Ranger. Link shut his laptop down and headed for the office door. Of course Wes would want to bring his news in person, whether it was good or not so good. Link stepped out onto the porch just in time to see the truck swerve around the resident family of mallards that were squawking and waddling across the parking lot back to the safety of the water. Link crossed his arms and waited just outside the door. He watched as a grinning Wes jump from his truck at a run. Then as his steps faltered when he saw Link waiting for him with his arms folded across his broad chest. Wes flushed and looked back across at the last of the ducklings. "Come on," Link urged, holding out his hand. "I hope you have good reason to race around like that?"

"Guess that wasn't too smart, was it?" Wes admitted as he took Link's hand and was pulled back into the building. "I'm sorry, I was thinking about something else."

"Must be something special for you to get so excited you'd race through my
parking lot." Link was pretty sure he knew the answer. Not wanting to spoil
Wes's good news he added, "We'll talk about the driving later, babe. Now I want to know what has you so excited." He pulled Wes to him and they shared a tender kiss.

"I got it Link!" Wes beamed, "I got the job!"

"That's great, babe." Link grabbed Wes lifting him off the ground in a big bear hug. He nuzzled his beard in the crook of the smaller man's neck, and laughed when he heard the giggles. Link added another brief kiss and then lowered Wes until his feet found the ground. "How bout we celebrate with dinner out tonight?"

Link held on to Wes until he felt him get his balance. "Dinner sounds great,Trapper-man. I've got so much to tell you about the job."

Link smiled at Wes's nickname for him. It was great to see his lover so happy. Wes had been nervous since he got the call for the second interview. Link had tried to tell him that if Ken wanted to see him again it was a good sign but hadn't succeeded. He had stayed with Wes last night to make sure he didn't stay up all night worrying. That plan only partially succeeded.

"What do you have planned for the rest of the day, babe?"

"I need to go back to the house and do some stuff around there. Mom and Dad
should be back in a couple of weeks. I don't want them coming back to a mess." Wes paused then continued, "It's hard to believe they've been gone six months already. I can't wait for you to meet them."

"I can't wait to meet them either." Link was watching Wes's face as the
euphoria drained from his features and weariness took it's place. "How about you go back to your place and get some rest before dinner?" He held up his hand when Wes started to protest "Babe, you didn't sleep much last night. Actually, I'd wager you haven't slept much this last week. Go home, get some sleep and I'll call you in plenty of time for you to get ready."

"Link, I can't, I don't have much time now that I'll be starting work next

"Wes, listen to me." Link waited for Wes to look at him. "I'll help you with the house tomorrow. But now you need to go home and rest. I'll take the afternoon off and go with you if I have too."

"No, I'm OK Link, I don't need a babysi..." Wes stopped before he completed the word. Link saw Wes's eyes flash with anger just before he snapped. "You don't need to come home with me. I'll go take a nappy pooh like a good little boy."

Reaching out, Link caught Wes by the shoulders and turned him so they faced each other. "Wesley, I do not think you are a little boy." The tone he was using drew Wes's eyes up to Link's. "I don't love a child. The man I love is mature, responsible, caring, and fun." He saw Wes's eyes start to glisten. Link's tone soften as he continued, "But right now the man I love is tired and needs to get some rest or he is going to fall asleep in the middle of dinner." Link tilted Wes's chin up and gently met his lips. What started as gentle quickly turned possessive, taking both their breaths away. Link rubbed his hand up Wes's back only stopping when Wes's curls were entwined in his fingers.

Link felt Wes tighten his hold, then heard the soft "I love you too, Link." Now it was Link's turn to blink back a tear. With his love engulfed in his arms, they stood together not saying a word. Wes rested his head on Link's strong shoulder. When they finally released their holds on each other Wes looked up at Link "I think I'll go home and take a nap, I am kinda tired. I wouldn't want to pass out in the middle" He was wearing that goofy grin as he dodged the swat Link aimed at his butt.

Link smiled as he followed Wes to his truck. "I'll change at your place so I won't need to go home before dinner. Think about where you want to eat. I
should be there about five thirty." Wes nodded and returned Link's hug.

Wes slowly drove back across the parking lot carefully avoiding the squirrel scurrying out of his way. Link watched as he pulled onto the driveway. He heard another familiar engine and knew Wes had stopped to talk to Link's dad. Soon, he saw an older version of himself pull into the parking lot and jogged over to welcome him. "That's one excited young man you got there Son." Dad said as Link approached his truck.

"Yeah he is." Link rested his arms on the cap of the pickup as he leaned into the open window of his dad's truck. "Did he tell you about the job?"

"Yes and he also told me he culdn't talk because you sent him home to take a nap." Dad chuckled as he relayed that bit of information. "Looks like you have your hand full with that one."

"He didn't get much sleep last week worrying about the interview and job so he agreed to go home to try and get some rest." Link shook his head while his dad laughed. "And no, I don't think he will rest, but it's worth a shot."

Dad chuckled then told his son why he had stopped by. "Your Mom sent me to see if you and your young man wanted to come over for dinner tonight."

"Gee we'd love to Dad, but I'm taking Wes out to celebrate the new job. Maybe next week." It was hard to refuse one of Mom's home cooked meals, but Wes needed a quiet night. "Tell Mom we're sorry."

"Will do, Son." Dad started to back out but stopped and added "Glad to see you so happy, Linken. That kid's good for you. I'd hang on to him if I was you."

Link blushed at his father's words "I was just thinking the same thing, Dad."

Link headed back inside the office. He tried to finish up his paperwork but
couldn't get his mind off Wes. This young man had really gotten under his skin. He hadn't planned on finding someone to share his life, but Wes had grabbed his heart the first time they met. And now, today, they had both admitted they loved each other.

Link leaned back in his chair and thought back to his college days. Back to the relationship he had shared with Drew. They'd met in their junior year. Link had been attracted to Drew, even though he was a bit wild. They dated for a few months, getting to know each other by exploring their sexuality and general compatibility. They had become very close and even professed their love.

Link remembered the day he had asked Drew to move into his apartment. He had taken Drew to dinner then popped the question. Drew was excited and moved in the next weekend. It wasn't long before Link had to talk to his partner about his attitude and lack of interest around the apartment or in his studies. Drew finally had confessed he craved a very firm hand and in time Link had found he liked giving into his dominant side. Eventually Drew's increasing demand to be dominated had driven them apart. It had been more than Link was willing to supply. So in the end they had taken different paths. Link had returned home to the small town he loved. Drew had moved on, in his words, to more exciting places.

Link came away from that relationship knowing if he ever found someone to share his life, he needed to be the head of the household. He wanted that control, but he didn't want to have paralyzing control. Link needed a partner who could be his own person and still allow Link take charge when needed. A partner willing to submit to Link's guidance and correction when he thought it was warranted. Over the years since college Link had dated a few guys but never found that special man he was searching for. Until he met Wes.

There was something about Wes that drew Link to this man. Well, besides that goofy grin and head of soft honey wheat curls. Wes was quiet and for the most part level headed. He did jump to the wrong conclusions from time to time, but Link knew that was something they could work on together. On the surface Wes seemed to be strong and in control of his life. Over the months they had gotten closer, Wes was letting his guard down, revealing small fears. Link noticed little things about Wes. Like the way Wes responded to a certain tone or look. Link didn't think Wes knew he was a brat but wondered if he knew he wanted some control in his life. That was something they would need to discuss.

Link pulled up to Wes's parents house about four thirty. He'd been sent out to check on a reported coyote in a back yard that turned out to be a neighbor's dog. He wasn't far from his place so he checked on the critters he was holding there. He swapped the work truck for his Jeep. Then instead of going back to the center he logged out and headed over to Wes's place.

Link didn't see Wes's truck but it wasn't unusual for Wes to put it in the
garage. He let himself in using the key Wes had given him. If he was sleeping Link didn't think Wes would be in the bedroom. He headed to the family room, hoping to find his sleeping lover. He found the pillow and blanket he had folded last night and but no Wes. He checked out Wes's bedroom, still no Wes. The bathroom was empty. He was coming back down the stairs when he heard the outside garage door open and the truck's engine. Entering the kitchen, he saw Wes setting on the step from the garage taking off his boots. Wes stood and turned to come into the kitchen when saw Link leaning against the counter.

"S...Shit!" Wes stammered. "Damn, Link, where did you come from? What are you doing here now?"

"I had a call out this way." Link replied in an even tone.

"So you thought you would come check up on me?" Wes snapped before Link could finish.

The only move Link made was to cross his arms over his chest. Link watched Wes before he answered. "No, I thought I would just log out early instead of driving back to the center and then back out here again. And maybe we could have some extra time alone."


Not giving Wes time to add to that comment, Link questioned, "Do I need to check up on you?"

"" Wes met Link's eyes and then looked away. "I couldn't get my head to stop buzzing." He glanced back at Link again "I thought some fresh air might help."

"And did it help?" Link was still leaning against the counter. He noticed Wes was carefully choosing his words.

"No, not really." Wes confessed.

Link stepped away from the counter. "Come here, babe." He held his hand out
for Wes to take. "Let's get cleaned up and go celebrate your new job."

"We're still going out?" Wes looked confused.

"Sure, unless you don't want to go out." Link waited for Wes to answer.

"I want to go," he continued, blushing "but I thought you would make me to stay home and get some rest."

"Let's change." Link pulled him close and kissed his forehead. "I'll make sure you sleep tonight."

Link wasn't surprised when Wes announced he wanted pizza for dinner. Wes would eat it everyday if he had his way. They sat in a quiet booth in the back. "So tell me about the interview, babe." Link encouraged.

They spent the next hour talking about the new job. "Kevin gave me a great
reference. Some big brother I got there. Just hope I can live up to his

"Did you think Kevin would lie for you?" Link asked.

"No, he doesn't need to lie. Kev knows I'm good at what I do. I learned
everything I know about carpentry from him." Wes blushed "But I've never run a cabinet shop before."

"Ken knows you're good just from talking to you." Link squeezed Wes's leg under the table "Don't worry babe, he wouldn't have hired you if he wasn't sure you could do the job."

Wes was glowing. "Ken's great. He's going to work with me for a few days
before he leaves me alone in the shop. I'll always be in phone contact with
him. He knows I'll need some instruction before I'll really understand the
system. He says he's going to take me to the job site to see the installation process first." Link just watched as the words flew out of Wes's mouth.

"Babe, you need to slow down or you're going to choke on that pizza." Link was laughing as he teased Wes. "What time do you start on Monday?"

"I need to be at the shop at 7:00 sharp," Wes answered. "I'm kinda nervous
about going to that job site."


"I almost applied for a job with that company. I was waiting for the owner, and I could hear him yelling at one of the workers. He was really mad. And he was yelling in front of the other workers." Link thought he saw shame in Wes's eyes. "I didn't want to deal with him so I decided to leave."

Trying to reassure his love, Link commented "Sounds like you made the right
choice babe." Reaching across the table, Link lifted Wes's chin until their
eye's met "You didn't settle for a job you wouldn't have liked. I'm proud of you, Wes."

Slowly as Link watched that goofy grin broke out across Wes's face. "Thanks, Trapper-man."

Link stood up from the booth, reaching out for Wes "Time to go home, babe."

Back in the house Link turned to Wes. "Let's see if I can help you get some
rest." He waited for Wes to come to him. When Wes hesitated he simply grabbed his hand and said, "Come on."

Leading his reluctant lover to the master en suite, Link filled the tub with hot water adding some Epsom salts. Native American flute music played in the background as he undressed his wide eyed lover. After Link removed his own clothes, he climbed into the tub then guided Wes between his legs. Link silently thanked the Coopers for installing a tub large enough to comfortably hold two people, although he doubted they did it with their son and his lover in mind.

As Wes settled between his legs, Link began rubbing his back. Wes was squirming and giggling as Link's rough hands rubbed, scratched, and tickled his back. Link kneaded his arms and shoulders, being careful around Wes's bruised shoulder. Link massaged Wes's neck then moved up to his temples and head as he pulled Wes back to lean against his chest.

Wes was cooing from the soft circles produced by Link's fingers. "This is
great, Link. You can do that forever."

Link worked on Wes's scalp then moved back down to his shoulders. He smiled at the sounds his lover was making. Moving down to his chest he kneaded Wes's pecs. He could feel Wes's nipples harden under his finger tips. The cooing had turned to groans.

"I thought you wanted to put me to sleep?" Wes giggled as he looked down his body. "I think you woke something up." He started to move his hand down to his cock.

Link whispered in Wes's ear "Don't touch it, babe. Put your arms up on the
sides of the tub." When Wes groaned Link added "Let me do this for you."

Link worked his hands down Wes's chest, rubbing as they drifted lower. He
caressed Wes's firm stomach. Slowly Link reached Wes's hard cock. He firmly
grasped his lover's member. Wes gasped and started to reach down. Link's hand stilled as he growled into Wes's ear. Wes groaned and returned his arms to their former position. After a few seconds, Link's fingers on his left hand tangled in the thick coarse hair. Then he started massaging Wes's cock with his right hand. "Easy, babe." Link whispered when Wes started bucking against Link's hand.

Releasing Wes's cock, Link lowered his hand to his lover's balls and gently
tickled them. Link felt Wes try to pull away.

"Please, Link." Wes could barely form the words.

Link kissed what he could reach of Wes's neck. His lover squirmed as Link's
beard rubbed his neck. Wes was panting and groaning. Link's hand moved back up to his lover's cock, firmly wrapping around it and pumping up and down. Link's left hand moved up to Wes's chest firmly pinching a nipple. Link felt Wes arch as he came then collapsed back onto Link's chest.

The room was warm so Link popped the stopper with his foot, letting the cool water drain along with Wes's cum. Luckily the faucet handles were mounted on the side of the tub so Link could fill the tub back up with hot water without moving Wes. They laid there with Wes resting in Link's arms until the water started cooling off again. Link gently woke Wes so he could help him from the tub and dried them both. Then he helped Wes into the bedroom. Link tucked Wes into bed and as he started to leave the bedroom he heard Wes mumble, "You aren't leaving, are you?"

He turned back to the bed. "No, sweetheart, I'm just going down to make sure the place is locked up tight." Leaning over the bed, he kissed Wes, "I'll be back in a minute." Wes was asleep when Link entered the room. He crossed to the bed and slipped in behind the man he loved with all his heart. Wrapping his arm protectively over the sleeping man he drifted off to sleep, thinking about the conversation he was planning to have with Wes in the morning.


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