Whose Body

Rick grimaced as he examined TC. Gently touching the inflamed area he looked up
at his brat. TC, eyes closed, but with tears leaking from the corners, was
biting his lip. "Pet," Rick softly said while patting the hip before him, "it'll
be ok so stop biting that lip."

Slowly releasing his lip TC opened his eyes and looked down at his Top. Sniffing
back a tear he whispered, "I'm sorry."

Rick lightly stroked the area around the infected belly ring again. "Who does
this body belong to, Pet?" he asked before gently flicking the tiny heart shaped
lock and key with his tongue.

"It…it's yours, Rick," TC panted.

Rick stood; engulfing his partner in is arms. "Let's take care of this piercing
and then we will be discussing you marring MY body without premission."

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